We are happy to work with trusted introducers. We have experience of working with other IFAs, accountants, solicitors and professional introducers.

This can be in complex pension areas such as final salary transfers, or be relatively straightforward advice. We are happy to discuss our terms with you.

Do you have a client who holds a final salary pension?

We are fully qualified and authorised to review the client’s situation and provide pension advice. Using our Trusted Introducers scheme, we are able to support financial advisers who are not able to provide pension transfer advice.

Fee Structure Changes

Please be aware our Fee Structure has changed.

Our process is as follows:


One of our advisers will speak to the introduced client about their situation and their existing schemes and we will let them know if theirs is the type of case that we are able to review.
If their situation is one of the types that Pensionhelp is able to accept, we will complete a ‘fact find’ with the client. This initial telephone ‘meeting’ is at the expense of Pensionhelp. During this process if we are provided with information that leads us to believe that we cannot help the client, then we will let them know at this point.Once we have completed the Fact Find Meeting we will advise the client if we believe we can take their case to the next stage of our advice process. From this point, our advice is chargeable.




We will then complete our research by writing to the client’s pension scheme(s) for any outstanding information. And prepare our Suitability Report


We will issue our report to the client and address any advice queries that the client has.




If the client wishes to go ahead, we will discuss the relevant forms that need completing and on receipt, we will liaise with the ceding and receiving schemes to administer the transfer.


After transfer, the introduced client will then be returned to the introducer who will retain the client and any agreed ongoing fee. If the introducer is not regulated to provide ongoing advice, Pensionhelp can offer this service.



Benefits for introducers

We can assist you with cases that you are not able, or comfortable in providing advice on.

We are able to provide focussed independent advice to introduced clients where you may not wish to provide advice. You can retain the client afterwards if the client wants to receive ongoing advice.


If you would like to apply to become an introducer of Pensionhelp, please follow the link below and complete our online application form.

Link: Trusted Introducer Questionnaire

Alternatively, please contact us on 0161 956 2328 for more information, or email us at


Our advisers will analyse your case and provide your options.

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