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How We Can Help – Pension Advice

Chances are, if you need pension advice, we will be able to assist you. Our services are designed to make receiving pension advice a simple process. We can do this face to face, over the telephone or by post.

In order to give you advice, we need to gather information about you and what you are looking to achieve. Once we have enough information from you and your pension providers, we will provide you with a report with formal advice. If you are happy with our advice, we will implement this and provide you with ongoing advice if you want.

In the first instance we recommend that you call us or drop us an email to discuss your situation and provide us with an idea of what you are looking to achieve. We can then advise you of our initial thoughts and then let you know how we can proceed.

There is no charge for any initial consultation

Our initial consultation and discussions are undertaken at our expense. After this initial conversation, we may determine that a transfer is not appropriate for you. This means no further action is necessary.

The breakdown of our process is below:

What your adviser will do

Gather information

During your initial phone call consultation, we will determine your financial circumstances and future requirements

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Research and recommend

We will the research the most suitable financial solutions based upon your individual needs. We will provide you with a report explaining your options and explain the associated implementation costs. We will discuss our fees and the options for paying them at this stage. You will not incur any fees without agreeing them in writing, and they can often be paid via a charge on your policy if this is your preference

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We will then implement your recommendations. This is also subject to your approval

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Ongoing advice

We will then ask if you require ongoing financial advice, and will explain the services we offer

To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today.

Disclaimer: Final Salary Pensions are suitable for the vast majority of members. Transferring from a final salary pension scheme is an irreversible decision and it could have a detrimental effect on your retirement planning. The detail on this website is for information purposes only and is not to be taken as a personal recommendation. Before taking any action, you should take financial advice from a suitably qualified independent financial adviser. Any potential advantages of transferring from a defined benefit scheme to a defined contribution scheme are often outweighed by the costs, risks and loss of benefits involved.


You voluntarily choose to provide personal details to us via this website. Personal information will be treated as confidential by us and held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. You agree that such personal information may be used to provide you with details of services and products in writing, by email or by telephone

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